Learning the “N” in MERN Stack

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all are doing great.

So, the holy month of Ramadan starts, and our classes shift from working days to non-working days. By non-working day I mean we have MERN stack classes now on Saturdays and Sundays. There is not much for this week but something that I wanted to highlight first is that I did many react projects and you can see them on my GitHub. Now, I am moving towards Nodejs which is used for backend development. Second that Sir Saad Hamid is back again. …

This week was full of coding 💻

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you are all doing good. First of all, let me tell you that this week I made some beautiful mini-apps using React.js. To see them live you can use the following links.

One more important thing is that If you want to keep yourselves up to date from Latest Technology innovations and other computer-related stuff, please check The Paper House. So, let’s start this week’s review.


Today, we learn how to connect the React.js application with Firebase. We…

Learning React is Fun

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to my blog! How are you doing? Tell me in the Comment! So, the journey of MERN stack development is still on the go. Let’s jump into the details for the 8th week of Jadu.


This is the first technical class of week 8 at jadu and the second class of React.js. As I told you earlier that React JS is a library that is super efficient and SEO friendly if uses in developing websites. The best thing about react is that if there is a change in…

Think about the near future and set your goals accordingly

Hello there! I made several mini-projects the previous weeks and I am on several others this week. Everything is going pretty exciting. Learning new stuff, enhancing technical and soft skills, there are a lot. So, let’s jump into our class review.


This is the first technical class of week 7 at jadu. We learned GitHub briefly today. If I summarized today’s topics, see below:

  • Private and Public Repository
  • Creating Repo at GitHub
  • Update that repo using VS Code
  • How to contribute to open-source projects
  • Forking a repository
  • Making Pull…

I made a to-do app using the concepts of JavaScript

Hello guys! I hope you all are doing good. So, here I am in the 6th week of jadu learning MERN-Stack development. We already started JavaScript in the previous week and this week we are getting deeper into it.


Following are the topics we covered in today’s class.

  • Functions
  • Primitive variables
  • Non-primitive variables
  • Document Object Model Manipulation
  • Event Listener


Functions make our code readable, reusable, and less error-prone. If we have 10 lines of code that are repeating 3 times in our program in different places, we can…

Jadu first batch has 2 black belts

Hey guys, Thanks for being here!!! Let’s talk about our journey of MERN-stack at jadu.


First-class of the week and I am very excited to tell you that today we started learning JavaScript programming language. Till now we learned HTML that is a markup language and CSS that is a styling language but from now on we will work on the programming language “JavaScript”.

JavaScript is among the best languages. It is a very powerful language and the only language in which we can do front-end and back-end programming. …

We are learning so many things at Jadu 👌

Here we are in the 4th week of learning Full-stack (MERN) development at Jadu. So, the learning process is very smooth, and I am enjoying learning exciting stuff. Let’s jump into the learnings of this week.


Today Arsalan Khattak the instructor briefly discuss GitHub and Git. So, let’s talk about these in brief.

What is GitHub

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and teamwork. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. Version control means that GitHub keeps track of all the changes made…

Monday — 22/02/2021

This is my 3rd week at Jadu learning MERN-stack development. I am learning exciting stuff in every class. This is really too much fun learning with such a great community.

So in my first technical class of this week, we learn the following things:

  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS / In page CSS
  • External CSS / Out page CSS

First, let me clear a point here about CSS and HTML. HTML is like a skeleton of a webpage and CSS is the skin on the skeleton. CSS is used to give styles and make the webpage more eye-catchy and beautiful.

Now, an Inline CSS is those styles that we define on tag level. …

In my first week, I learn about web technologies and a lot of exciting applications such as discord, Github, and more. You can see that from here.

Now I am sharing about my second week at Jadu. What did I learn in my second week? What exciting new things and concepts I understand.

So basically at jadu, we take 2 technical classes and 1 soft skill class per week. In our technical classes, we learn about MERN-Stack development and in our soft skill class, we work in that area which helps us to enhance our personality.

As we are learning…

It was amazing!

I was very happy when I got selected at Jadu jobs to learn full-stack (MERN) development. That was a very proud moment for me.

Now, I had my first week at Jadu and I learned a lot.

I learned some new things like Discord which should be explicitly mentioned. Discord is a place where teams and instructors can make a very efficient learning environment. That is a very good tool for interacting with people in an organization.

Github is worth mentioning here. Using Github version control really helps in development. …


Blogger, Lifelong Learner. Currently learning Full-stack (MERN) development at Jadujobs.com.

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